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My Favorite Fourth of July – Lake Tahoe

What’s the best Fourth of July you’ve ever had?  Mine’s easy – Lake Tahoe in 2018.  I meet some San Antonio friends for a fun few days to celebrate my birthday and the Fourth in Tahoe.  Our main reason for going was to see a Kenny Chesney outdoor concert, which was a blast.

On the Fourth, after spending the afternoon up on the mountain at Heavenly Ski Resort.  We road the gondola up and had a ball wandering around and soaking in the view on a picture perfect day.

That evening, we headed over to Edgewater Tahoe for a buffet dinner by the lake.  The setting was perfect.  As the sun went down, we bundled up and were treated to the best fireworks show I had seen in person.

The fireworks went on and on lighting up the night sky over the lake.  There’s music, fireworks and oohs, aahs and cheers during the spectacular show that lasted about 45-50 minutes.

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