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404301_4872888545612_1804207924_n-125x187Travel Expert + Weather Expert = Traveling Weather Chick

Jennifer is a travel expert, host, writer, blogger, photographer, and videographer.  She’s also a meteorologist, host, reporter, and producer with over two decades of on camera television experience.  This adventurer is a travel and weather expert.

She’s Lara Croft meets Lucille Ball.  When it comes to food, libations, and restaurants, she’s Paula Dean meets Anthony Bourdain…if only she could cook like either one!  She’s no makeup outdoorsy girl meets the perfectly coiffed television personality.  She’s a fan of roughing it, but also loves basking in 5-star luxury.

Adventurous spirit is a great way to describe Jennifer.  She has done such things as skydiving with the Army Golden Knights, flying in a F-16 with the Air Force Thunderbirds and pulling 9Gs twice, and covering extreme weather like flooding, blizzards, and hurricanes including Hurricane Katrina.  Her adventure bio includes everything from driving a dog sled to cracking a Coors on the Coors Peak (14,017’ Wilson Peak in Colorado).

Combining her travel and weather expertise, Jennifer can give you great places to go, where to eat, things to do, and even what kind of weather to expect.  Whether it’s hiking a mountain trail or experiencing a 5-star resort, she has the innate ability to take you along for the ride and make you feel like you are on the adventure with her.  Plus, Jennifer shares the experiences with her thousands of followers across multiple social media platforms.

SAwithJB Bio Adventure Collage

Jennifer helped launch the lifestyles show “Houston Life” for KPRC in Houston, Texas.  Not only was she the first host of the show, she was also webmaster and social media manager for the first year of show.

As a television meteorologist, Jennifer has worked in Denver, San Antonio, Knoxville, and Myrtle Beach.  She created and hosted “Explore Colorado” series and 30-minute specials on KDVR and KWGN in Denver, Colorado featuring over 300 adventure stories in the state.



Just like her life, Jennifer packs a lot of adventure into a minute twenty seconds and shares some adventure snap shots.

Get a quick glimpse of Jennifer on the go in front of the camera in her adventure host demo reel.

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