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Best Sunglasses You’ve Ever Heard

I love my Aftershokz Air headphones with bone conduction audio technology because I can still hear what’s going on around while listening to my jams as I walk, run or hike.  When Aftershokz launched Optishokz Revvez, sport sunglasses with the same technology I had to give them a try.  I’ve tested them out a couple of times now and here’s what I think.

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First, they take some getting used to.  On the headphones, the transducer sits just in front of your ear.  On the sunglasses it’s right behind your ear.  When there’s a song with a heavy bass, I feel much more of a vibration with the sunglasses than headphones.

They are super light-weight and sweat and water resistant.   They don’t slip because the part around the ear bends, so you get a secure fit.  The polarized lens are great.  I appreciate they didn’t skimp on quality with the lens.  The battery last for six hours so that’s great for longer distances, especially hiking.  After a workout I’m that person who pushes her sunglasses on top of her head.  That’s the only time these sunnies slid.  It’s an issue I can deal with.  I’m loving the sunglasses and headphones combo and I guess they really are the best sunglasses you’ve ever heard.

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