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Familiar With a Twist – Mexico Lindo is my new Cafe Salsita in San Antonio

What’s old is new again – right? Happens all the time with fashions, decor and TV shows and movies with remakes and new twists. For years when I lived in San Antonio, a couple of friends and I would meet on Sundays at Cafe Salsita for “greenie brunch.” Greenies we’re Dos Equis beers. There were many laughs and tears during those brunches and some wonderful memories made. The Sunday routine changed when I moved away in 2010 and Cafe Salsita closed in 2013.

My friends Hope and Jeff recently discovered a new restaurant had opened in the same spot and gave it a try. They raved about it and I could wait to try Mexico Lindo, which opened during the pandemic.

On a quick weekend trip, my dear gal pals Hope and Tiffany did Saturday brunch with me. It was just like good ole times sitting out on the patio in the small strip center in Lincoln Heights. The inside is completely different. It’s bright, cheery and even has Instagrammable wings on the wall. As Cafe Salsita weekend regulars, we were all glad to see a vibrant new place open in its spot.

Having high expectations after years of Cafe Salsita’s breakfasts, I was a tough critic as I compared the two. My Huevos a la Mexicana were delicious an easily satisfied the jonesing I have for breakfast tacos or breakfast plates only San Antonio can cure. It’s the love that goes into the tortillas that makes the difference. We must have been there two hours laughing and grabbing just like we use to over wonderful Mexican comfort food…sans greenies. Everything old is new again, but with a twist, just like a new favorite brunch spot in familiar surroundings. Can’t wait to sit on the patio at Mexico Lindo again soon.

On July 3, 2021, I started a journey of 50 Places to 50 for my 50th birthday next year. Mexico Lindo was #2. While I try new restaurants often, this was a special place to me for most of the years I lived in San Antonio. It’s wonderful to see that it now has new life…or wings like on the wall as a new neighborhood favorite.

Jennifer Broome lived 10 years in San Antonio and will always consider it a home. Check out the Explore Texas section for some of her travel and outdoor adventures in the Lone Star state including weekend trips from SA.

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