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On the Go Nutrition and Hydration: Fast Bar, Evolve Protein Shake and EcoVessel Summit Water Bottle

As I’m starting to travel again, I’m re-discovering a constant struggle on the road – finding nutritious options that pack well, don’t melt, are plant based protein with no or very little sugar, taste great and have minimal (and recyclable if possible) packaging. Fast Bar is a recent find for intermittent fasting. Evolve is my long-time favorite plant-based protein shake. EcoVessel Summit water bottle really helps up my water intake to stay hydrated all day.

Fast Bar Nutrition Bar

My recent find is Fast Bar. Inflammation reduction, brain clarity, strength workout improvements and better bloodwork are four reasons I’m hooked. I attempt intermittent fasting every day with a goal to succeed 4-5 times a week. That’s attainable for me, even while traveling. Its science based formulation is what intrigued me. The nut and honey bars are made with macadamia nuts, honey, pecans, almonds, almond butter and coconut. They taste great and are filling with added benefit of healthy fats from the nuts.

Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake

Technically, I’m a pescatarian since I still eat seafood, but not as much after watching “Game Changers” on Netflix. The documentary is on elite athletes following a plant-based diet. Protein shakes are the fastest way to protein and other nutrients back into your system after a long hike or workout. My long-time favorite is the mellow mocha flavored Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake. Each 11 ounce shake has 20 grams of protein, 160 calories and tastes like chocolate milk, but not as sugary. Plus, I really like the box packaging of the 11 ounce shake and the company supports the National Park Foundation. You can find them on Amazon or in the grocery store.

EcoVessel Summit Water Bottle

While at home in COVID-19 quarantine for a ten week stretch, I noticed mid-March I was having a hard time drinking 80-100 ounces of water, my daily goal. I ordered an EcoVessel Summit 24 ounce stainless steel water bottle. The tilt-free straw design is what I think helps me stay hydrated. I also really like the sleek design, protective silicone bumper on the bottom and the triple insulated thermos keeps water cold. The bottle fits in the side pocket of a backpack and in a car cup holder. I put it to the test leaving it in the car while I hiked to see if the water stays cold. It does and, trust me, cold water is a refreshing treat after a summer hike!

I really like all three of the items for travel, outdoor adventures and as part of your daily routine at home. Hope you like them too!

Author Jennifer Broome is always searching for gear that multi-task and make life easier on the road and at home. As a foodie, she’s also always searching for all things delicious….plant-based these days! Check out the Travel Tastes section for eats and sips from around the world, including some recipes like a Chilean chickpeas pil pil recipe from Patagonia.

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