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An “Egg-cellent” Gadget for the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich Maker

While on a cooking journey during Coronavirus quarantine, I’ve perfected the art of making a breakfast sandwich. The Progressive International PS-69Y Breakfast Sandwich Maker might just be may favorite kitchen gadget. As I used it more, I realized this little yellow cup would be great for travel too. Since it pops into a microwave, it was also be great for a RV, camper, beach house, cabin, or even during a road trip with stays in hotels and AirBnBs with microwaves.

I started simple with just putting an egg with salt and pepper and zapping in the microwave for 45 seconds. Wanting to add a little more pizzazz (and some greens) I started adding green onions, a little grated cheese, and homegrown microgreens. I found 50 seconds to be the sweet spot when you add ingredients.

Once you remove it from the microwave, use the slider around the rim of the cup to loosen the egg. I use a folk to remove the egg and put on my English muffin or toast with fresh spinach and avocado slices for an “egg-cellent” breakfast sandwich. Voila! There you have a beautiful and delicious breakfast in under five minutes.

Author Jennifer Broome is a travel expert, but a novice cook. She’s always looking for go gear that makes life easier while traveling and at home. Check out the Go Gear section for more of her road tested finds. Below is a link to the Progressive Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

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