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Holy Guacamole! This Guacamole Keeper Bowl Actually Works

I’m a guacamole lover, but will say no if it’s turned brown. I recently found a guacamole keeper that actually works. This bowl means you can make your guac a day ahead and take it camping, on a picnic, on a road trip or to a cabin. It’s a space saver too since you don’t have to take the avocados, tomatoes, onions, spices and guac extras separately.

I mixed up a batch of fresh guacamole, complete with a splash of orange juice for a little zip. After I enjoyed my afternoon snack, I followed the directions of making a pile in the center of the bowl, then pressing down the top to seal out any air.

Twenty-four hours later, I took off the lid and was stunned it still looked fresh. I was sold on the Prepworks by Progressive Fresh Guacamole ProKeeper with Air Tight Lid that I found on Amazon for just over $10.

It’s also great for other dips too. It’s great for home or for the road. It would be great for a barbecue or tailgating too. It’s my go-to guac saver now! I’ve already sent one to one of my best friends who makes guacamole often.

Here are a couple of my guacamole tricks. Save yourself chopping time and use fresh store bought pico de gallo. If you have a garden, mix in a dash of fresh cilantro. A splash of orange juice works if you don’t have limes or just want a different twist. For the spice that will have your guests asking what makes it taste so good, use Bolner’s Uncle Chris’ Steak Seasoning. Friends in San Antonio turned me on to it.

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