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Rolling in Thyme & Dough

After filming a couple of hiking segments for a television station in Austin, Texas, I decided to take the scenic route back to San Antonio taking TX Highway 290 to US-281.  It’s a lot less crowded that I-35, plus the scenery of rolling hills and ranches along the edge of the Texas Hill Country is way better.

When I got to Dripping Springs I was ready for a late lunch and stopped in the cutest cafe named Rolling in Thyme and Dough.  I instantly fell in love with the bright cheerful café filled with artwork and tons of natural light streaming in.

You know when you’re so hungry you can’t make a decision?  That was me at 2:30pm when I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day.  I was debating between the Farm to Market Sandwich (egg salad), Happy Gardner Sandwich (grilled veggies) or Tuna Springs Sandwich (tuna salad).  “That’s a hard one.  Those are all my favorites, but I just had the Farm to Market sandwich and the egg salad is really good today,” the gal at the counter told me.  Done – going for the homemade egg salad made with free range eggs, homemade mayo, pesto, lettuce and tomato.  “Want it toasted?” she asked.  “Of course,” I said.

Needing a little caffeine pick me up I asked if they have oat or almond milk. “We have both,” she said.  Almost giddy with delight, I ordered an oat milk latte.  I know – very alternative of me.  But I actually really like an oat milk latte.  As I looked around the room I noticed a sign “Thank You Tuesdays” where Rolling In Thyme and Dough offers 50% off on up to two items for firefighters, EMS, police and teachers on Tuesday mornings.  Really cool I thought.  Wish more places did stuff like that.

It was nice to relax and sip on my latte in the cute front room as I waited for my sandwich.  Sometimes with an egg salad sandwich you get more other stuff than egg salad, but not this one.  It had a hearty helping of egg salad, not too mayonnaise-y which is the way I like it.  With the pesto and goat cheese it was bursting with flavor.  Just a touch of lettuce and thinly sliced tomato on toasted bread made this a fabulous sandwich.  As I was devouring my sandwich I thought to myself, I sure picked the right spot to stop for lunch.

Before heading out I grabbed one of their Trail Mix cookies to nibble on down the road.  It was sunny, but cool and breezy so I took a moment to enjoy the outdoor space out front, which is a beer garden in the evenings spring to fall.  They also do a Bistro Night on Thursdays spring to fall with a changing menu.  

That cookie?  Well it was moist, chewy and chocked full of dried fruit like cranberries and apricots.  It was so good I’d drive back just to get another cookie….and sandwich and latte too!

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