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It’s Nutty in Texas

This roadside attraction is a bit….nutty.

“Jen, you gotta see the giant squirrel!”  While I was giving speeches at a conference at Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop, Texas, a friend from San Antonio drove up and that was the first thing he said.  I’m always down to see crazy roadside attractions like the Peachoid in Gaffney, South Carolina; Area 51 Alien Center, Amargosa, Nevada; and Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington – yes I’ve seen all of them.  So, I was all in to see this giant squirrel.


You can’t miss Ms. Pearl the Squirrel on Highway 71 since she’s 14-feet tall, making her the largest squirrel statue in the world.  We got out of the car laughing and of course immediately went over to take pictures.


She’s the mascot for Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company, a family-owned business.  I have to admit I snickered a bit at their slogan, “Come for the squirrel.  Stay for the pie.”  When you walk in the store, it’s almost overwhelming the sheer quantity of gift items and pecans.


From pecan pies to shelled pecans to even pecan oil they have anything pecan you can imagine.  They also have a ton of other goodies including tshirts, jewelry, jerky, and even coffee.  Plus, there are pecan treat samples everywhere!  Couple of my fav – chocolate covered pecan brittle, honey glazed pecans, and cinnamon sugar pecans.  Fair warning – these pecans are so good, don’t be surprised if you demolish a bag in a day or two!


As if a 14-foot squirrel isn’t enough, they have a 24-hour pecan vending machine and parking for nuts!

vending machine

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