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Tomato Pie at the Kitchen Sync

Tomato Pie is about as southern as it gets.  Only thing that might be more southern – grits.  You can get both at Kitchen Sync in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina.

Kitchen Sync has become one of our go-to spots for dinner for my mom and me.  We’ve eaten there probably 4-5 times and each time the service and food have been great.

This past weekend we decided on Kitchen Sync for our Saturday night out.  Being the day before Mother’s Day, the place was packed so we dined out on their covered patio.  We didn’t really need a menu.  We knew what we wanted – Gritz Fritz and Tomato Pie.

The Gritz Fritz is Hurricane Creek grits fried into rectangle sticks.  Fried grits?  That’s true southern style right there.  They come out piping hot and are served with collards and pepper jam.  You have to have some greens to go with fried grits!  The pepper jam adds a little sweet heat to the dish.

When tomatoes are in season, you’ll find the Southern Tomato Pie on the menu.  If you’ve never had it – tomato pie is a southern cuisine classic.  Basically it’s layers of thinly sliced tomato, cheese and herbs in a flaky pie crust.  At Kitchen Sync, they use several cheeses to make this ooey gooey fabulousness that’s bursting with flavor in every bite.  It’s served with a spinach salad topped with cashews, parmesan cheese, Granny Smith apples, green onions, and a poppyseed vinaigrette.

My mom and I didn’t have room for dessert this visit, but if you do go for the daily local fruit cobbler.  It’s a wonderful blend of a cinnamon-y crumble, fruit, and vanilla ice cream.  It’s one of the best cobblers I’ve ever had.

Kitchen Sync was the first certified green restaurant in Greenville and is the greenest restaurant in the Southeast as ranked by the Green Restaurant Association.  They used chemical free building materials along with reclaimed and repurposed materials when building the restaurant.  The decor includes old bike wheels as art on the wall.  Even the coasters are pieces of old menus.  wine and beer along with locally sourced food and compost food waste.  Give Kitchen Sync a try – you won’t be disappointed!


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