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Trost Salad Secret at the Gage Hotel

There’s a saying in Texas – “Go big, or go home.”  That holds true for your belt buckle, your hat, and your salad.  Well…when it comes to salad at the legendary West Texas historic hotel, the Gage Hotel.

While staying a night at the Gage Hotel, my friends and I dined at 12 Gage Restaurant where they serve up Texas specialties with a gourmet twist.  That includes the Trost Salad.


I’ve been known to ask for recipes for dishes I fall in love with during a meal and this salad was no different.

For the salad here are the ingredients:  baby greens, toasted pecans, celery, red onion, peas, corn, tomato, and a six minute egg.

The secret is the dressing.  It’s a bacon shallot vinaigrette.  Life truly is better with bacon!

Trost Salad Dressing

3T     Champagne Vinegar

3T     Coarse Grain Mustard

2T     Agave Nectar (can use honey)

2T     Brown Sugar

1/3c   Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/3c   Grapeseed Oil

4T     Finely Chopped Bacon

2T     Brunoise Chives

Kosher Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients in a covered jar.  Shake well and pour over salad.  Enjoy!

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