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Deer Creek Canyon Hike

I’m always looking to explore new trails in Colorado.  My cousin Susan suggestion Deer Creek Canyon in Littleton, so off I went to hit the trail.  The bonus – my drive was only about 15 minutes to get there.

There are 13.4 miles of trails in the 1,647 acres of Deer Creek Canyon Park.  I started out on the Plymouth Creek Trail.  At the trailhead there is plenty of parking, restrooms, and picnic areas.  Plymouth Creek Trail starts flat and paved, but that quickly changes.  With a couple of short, steep climbs, I got some great views within about 10-15 minutes of hiking.  As you head deeper into the canyon, the trail follows the creek and you hike along small cliff walls for part of it.  If you want shade, this trail is for you.

While hiking, I could tell fall is on the way out, but it was nice to still see some yellows and oranges mixing in with the leaves that have already turned brown.  I hiked Plymouth Creek Trail for 1.6 miles.

At a “Y” in the trail, I went left on the Plymouth Mountain Trail.  I could have taken a left a little ways back and looped around the mountain, but I decided to take the most direct route on Plymouth Mountain Trail to hit the Scenic View Trail.  Both sections are 0.4 miles long.

Once on the Scenic View Trail, I got some great vista views.  As I got to the rock formation at the end of the trail at 7,274′ high, I enjoyed a quick snack while taking in the view on a glorious fall day, including Denver in the distance.

I retraced my steps back down the 0.8 miles on the Scenic View Trail and Plymouth Mountain Trail.  After 0.5 miles back down the Plymouth Creek Trail, I decided to turn left and hike the Meadowlark Trail back to the trailhead.  At that junction, there was a group hiking with some llamas – not something you see on every trail!

The Meadowlark Trail quickly climbed up to provide sweeping views of rock formations, subdivisions, and even Denver.  There’s not any shade on this trail so make sure you’re wearing sunscreen.  I certainly enjoyed the sunny view hiking the 1.5 miles back to my car.  Total hike distance – 5.2 miles.  Wildlife spotted – 2 snakes (both bull snakes), the llamas, and then a momma and baby deer on drive out of canyon.

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