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Detox Weekend at Deer Lake Lodge

Detox – sounds like a negative word, but really it’s a chance to rebound, renew, and refresh.  I got to do that at Deer Lake Lodge and Spa.  I went through a multifaceted cleansing program at the 50-acre rustic-chic resort that’s also a green-constructed health haven.  Many of the buildings are refurbished ship containers.

By detox, I mean fasting, doing yoga, meditating, getting spa treatments, and getting a colonic.  Yep, I got my first one ever that weekend.  It’s part of their holistic cleansing and therapeutic program in a serene, secluded spot.  Don’t worry – didn’t take any video while getting a colonic!

Deer Lake Lodge and Spa is the only exclusive health resort in Texas and the Southeast offering a detox program of four services of solely liquids, colonics, body works, and energy works.  As I drove down the county road to the resort, the stresses of the work week quickly faded away late on a Friday afternoon.  It’s in the small town of Montgomery, Texas, about an hour away from Houston.

As I was settling into my cabin late that Friday afternoon, a wonderful summer storm hit so I sat out on the screened in porch in Cabin 10, my home away from home.  As I listened to the thunder rumble (the meteorologist in me always loves a storm), smelled the rain, and sipped some camomile tea,  I faded into a state I don’t do very often – just sitting and being in full relaxation.

After the rain subsided, I wandered over to the Fasting Room for a cup of the evening’s soup.  No clue what the raw veggies concoction was, but it was good.

Post “dinner” I took a little time to wander around the pool area and then turned in shortly after sunset.

On Saturday I was an early riser after a wonderful night’s sleep.  Taking advantage of the solitude, I headed out for a nice walk as the sun was coming up.

Then it was Detox Drink #1 for the day.  Ok, I’ll admit, it’s not the best tasting drink.  But I kept telling myself, “it’s for your health, drink it down,” as I drank it.

Already in a blissful state, I was thrilled to get some time on my mat in a yoga session led by my friend April Ree.  I met her while hosting the tv show “Houston Life.”  She teaches in the Kundalini style, which was new to me.  For an hour, I got to focus on breathing, go through poses and meditate in this practice focusing on releasing the female energy from the base of the spine.

Since April is also the executive chef of Deer Lake Lodge, she shared a raw food demo of walnut meat tacos and chocolate pudding.  The tacos were terrific and the pudding was so sinfully devine made with cacao.

She also chatted about what to look for the grocery store including when buying produce.  Number one suggestion – look for the PLU codes starting with 9.  Ones starting with 8 or 5 have been genetically modified and should steer clear of those.  I’ve been following that tip ever since!

Then Detox Drink #2.  Yep….the same drink as I started the day with.  Funny how second time around it wasn’t as bad to get down.

My afternoon was filled with spa time.  First, the magnesium wrap followed by a head, neck and shoulders massage.  It was a perfect pairing.  For the magnesium wrap, a magnesium gel was slathered on me then I was wrapped up like a burrito.  While the magnesium is being absorbed other benefits are sweating out toxins, easing aches and pains, and replenishing vital minerals in the body.  It can be a little itchy as the magnesium is absorbed but I didn’t have any issues for the 20 minutes I relaxed in the wrap.  After a quick shower (it’s in the spa room), it was time to work out the kinks with a Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage.  I carry a lot of stress in my neck so this was a 25-minute massage targeting my stress zones.

I had a little time to kill between spa and colonic so I head to the pool and relished in having it to myself.  I don’t do just sit out in the sun well, but I do enjoy sitting in the water reading a magazine.

Ok, so let’s talk colonic.  This was my first one…and well it’s just weird.  No I didn’t walk out pounds lighter after one session but I was stunned at how much gunk was in my gut!  When it comes to wellness I’m game to try alternative methods, and well this was definitely an alternative!  I did find the whole process fascinating and very thankful Paula, a certified colonic hydrotherapist, walked me through the whole thing.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not great at meditating.  I’ve tried but still find it really hard.  But, I decided to give it whirl since celebrity medium Armand Egidi was leading a class similar to the one he does at this studio in New Jersey.  As the calming music played and vibrations of the singing bowls filled the room, Armand led us through a guided meditation for 60 minutes.  It was an hour to center and relax.  I love Armand’s 3 steps for sleep:  Tell yourself “I will not solve problems until the morning;” breathe in for 5, hold for 5, then breathe out for 5; listen to mediative music or chants (you can find a lot of om chanting music on youtube or in apps).

On Sunday morning, I wanted to take advantage of the peaceful and heading out to explore on a walk.  It was just the bunnies, a deer, and me as the sun was coming up.

After my walk and detox drink, I got a chance to sit down with medium Armand Egidi for a personal reading.  A reading with him is a chance to get messages from loved ones and guardian angels or guides.  It was something I’ve never done, and I found it interesting and enlightening – and offered some peace I needed.

Finding peace was a perfect prelude to yoga.  Blake took us deeper into the Kundalini practice with dynamic breathing techniques and movement, meditation, and chanting of mantras including Sat Nam, which means “truth is my identity.”  The goal of Kundalini is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

Before leaving Deer Lake Lodge, I took advantage of one last seminar.  Paula showed us how to break the fast with wonderful zucchini noodles and homemade pesto.  It was delicious and I’ve since made versions of it several times at home.

Sadly my time at Deer Lake Lodge and Spa came to end and I headed home mid-day.  This weekend made me realize I need to do a detox weekend at least twice a year!