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Cute and Quirky Coffee Shop in Beulah, Colorado

Beulah is a tiny town about 20 minutes west of Pueblo, Colorado. It’s in a picturesque valley of beautiful ranches surrounded by mountains. It’s a place you go to get away, yet close enough to a city. Food options are slim in Beulah, but if you driving scenic Highway 78 or staying in the area, you have to stop in Stompin’ Grounds.

It’s Cash Only!

It’s only open Thursdays-Sundays. No credit cards accepted so make sure you have cash. Don’t be in a rush. There’s only one person working and there are some funny signs telling you that.

While staying at my cousin’s Airbnb Little Beulah Blue, I ventured into to town just to check out Stompin’ Grounds. There were a locals shooting the breeze and a sweet old dog as the welcoming committee. I ordered the vegetarian burrito and an iced almond milk latte then waited at the table with a Twister game tablecloth for my order. When it was ready I took it outside to enjoy a late breakfast.

It was so good I went back the next day for lunch. As I chatted with Jan while placing my order – yes I was on a first name basis on my second visit – I raved about the iced latte I had the day before. I ordered the vegetarian toasted sandwich and a lavender lemonade. When it was ready, Jan asked if I wanted to make it a rose lavender lemonade, something not on the menu. Of course I said yes. The sandwich is served with chips and fruit. It was a great lunch while I worked back at the cabin.

Check Out The Market Too!

If you’re in Beulah on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, pop into The Market. It’s open 10am-4p and filled with all sorts of treasures including vintage finds, gently used items, and antiques. From vintage cowboy boots to antique housewares, it’s fun to peruse the furniture, clothes, jewelry, linens, and gems you’re likely to find.

Author Jennifer Broome has traveled extensively in Colorado. For hiking near Beulah, hit the trail at Pueblo Mountain Park.

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