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Best Biscuits in Utah are at Woodland Biscuit Company

The best biscuits in Utah are off the beaten path. People drive for miles and wait in line for them at Woodland Biscuit Company. The town of Woodland is barely a dot on a map. Around 300 people live mainly on sprawling ranches on the edge of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. It’s a beautiful drive 25-30 minute drive from Heber City, Deer Valley or Park City. My friends Pam and Earl, along with two couple friends of theirs, took me there on a Sunday morning after an easy hike to Nobletts Creek Falls. Cell service is sketchy so it’s a perfect time to savor breakfast or lunch and enjoy conversation with whomever you’re dining with.

Woodland Biscuit Company is housed in the historic Woodland Cash Store. The building dates back to 1929. The area flourished in the late 1800s and early 1900s as ranchers settled in the fertile meadows of the Upper Provo River and their cattle and bison roamed in the high mountain pastures. The Winterton family ran the Woodland Cash Store until the 1970s. In the 1990s it was a private home. Laurel Bartmess found this gem and turned into a delightful breakfast and lunch spot that attracts hikers, bikers and biscuit lovers.

Woodland Biscuit Company

We were a group of seven and had called the day before to make a reservation. We actually made two – one for four at 10:45am and one for three at 11am. We had three dogs with us and while waiting in the gravel driveway, we were hoping to snag a large group table outside in a perfect spot under a huge tree. Woodland Biscuit Company is popular on weekends so even if you have a reservation, you’ll likely have to wait a little while.

We got lucky and scored the table we were all hoping to get. It was worth a 15-20 minute wait so the pups could sleep in the grass as we ate. I felt like I was having brunch outside on someone’s ranch as our view was of a pasture.

Outdoor Dining at Woodland Biscuit Company

Everything on the menu looks divine, especially when you’re hungry like I was. First up? Ordering breakfast cocktails of course. Three of us went for mimosa. Two ordered bloody Marys. One ordered a whiskey cocktail and one ordered a refreshing iced tea. The old-fashioned glasses the cocktails are served in were a big hit with our group.

There’s so much delicious stuff on the menu making a decision is tough. I was intrigued by the Fresh Corn and Basil Scramble. It’s two eggs with fresh corn and julienned basil folded in it. I upgraded with the “very cage-free chickens roaming the mountainside eggs” for an additional $2. The small splurge was definitely worth it. The scramble is served with a side of house potatoes, biscuit with jam and bacon. Since I don’t eat meat, the dogs got a special Sunday morning treat with my side of bacon. You have a choice of wild blueberry or strawberry jam. Being a Southern gal, I’m admittedly a biscuit snob. Hands down, my grandmother made the best ones. As I pulled apart my biscuit at Woodland Biscuit Company, just in texture alone, it was reminiscent of my grandmothers biscuits I would help her make when visiting her in northwest Georgia. I quickly put in a pat of butter inside the warm, flaky biscuit and let it melt. I slathered on the wild blueberry jam and savored every morsel. I’m sure I let out a few audible sounds of joy with mmmm’s and ooooh’s with every bite. I also ate all of my scramble. The local eggs were also a special treat.

We were having such a wonderful time and everyone was enjoying their food, we ordered a second round of cocktails. The food, the company and feeling like we were out on the farm made for a perfect Sunday brunch. I’ve been dreaming about those biscuits ever since. Woodland Biscuit Company is now a “must eat at” spot when I visit my friends in Heber City.

Fresh Corn and Basil Scramble at Woodland Biscuit Company

Author Jennifer Broome is a foodie and loves finding culinary gems, especially breakfast spots. Check out the Travel Tastes section for more food finds and some recipes.

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