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Crazy Cap 2: A Portable Water Purification System

I found Crazy Cap 2, a water purifier on the go at Outdoor Retailer in January.  I originally got it to gear test during a trip to Panama, but with the coronavirus outbreak and flu running rampant, I decided to start using it as my travel water bottle on my recent trip to San Antonio. If you’ve ever watched folks fill up their water bottles in airports, you know people get the tops of their water bottles way too close to the water dispenser.  Tap the top twice and a blue light comes on while the Crazy Cap 2 top sterilizes the water and bottle within 60 seconds. When it’s done, the blue light turns green for a second and turns off. Using deep UV LED light-ray technology, it can sterilize up to 99.999%. 

There is a “crazy mode” which I’ll test out while camping or on international trips. In that mode, you tap 5 times. It’s the mode you can use if you get water from an outdoor source like a stream or when you just want extra sterilization. Because of the microbial sterilization, you never have to wash or scrub the inside of your water bottle. It’s water purifying and self-cleaning.  Another cool feature, especially while traveling, is you can wave the activated top over your iPhone, iPad and other surfaces to sterilize those too.

You can buy a top and bottle or just the cap itself if you already have a Swell bottle or similar cola-style design. On a single charge, Crazy Cap 2 can last up to 7 days, so no need to charge the top every day. I’ve tested the cap on the Crazy Cap 2 bottle and other cola-style bottles I already have. Could just be a fluke, but I have to be careful not to over tighten the top on the bottle it came with, an issue I don’t have when I put it on my other bottles. I still give it a huge thumbs up.

I did a segment for Studio 512 on KXAN, the NBC station in Austin, Texas, spotlighting some of my carry-on must haves along with a couple of destinations to go to without the crowds. I also got to share Crazy Cap 2 as one of the product I was gear testing.

Author Jennifer Broome is a perpetual carry-on traveler. She’s always in search of gear like Crazy Cap 2 that makes life and travel easier, more sustainable, and is cool or stylish. She searches and travel test gear all year long for her holiday gift guide.