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The Most Entertaining Dining Experience on a Cruise

“It’s dinner with video games. It will be great for the kids.” That was a good enough sell to our group of twelve aboard the Celebrity Cruises Eclipse on the first night of our cruise to Alaska.

We booked to early bird seating of 5:45pm for what turned out to be a fabulous dining experience.  It was a one-of-a-kind dinner.  It wasn’t just presentation on a plate with the food, it was projection on the table with each course.

As the lights dimmed for the first course of soup (choice of seafood or French onion), the table turned into the colorful world of the sea with our plates as rafts.  The petit chef battled the tentacles of an octopus and ending with creating a smile in the soup bowl.

In the next course, the petit chef wrangled a lobster as a cowboy of the sea.

For the third course petit chef fired up the grill.  He grilled the steak, potatoes and veggies to perfection while fending off a pesky fly with a fork.  Since I don’t eat red meat, I opted for the sea bass.  For each course, you can substitute an alternative.

For dessert, petit chef rolled an ice cream scoop like a snowball, hurled it onto the plate and ended the dinner with a bang as the candle slide off the scoop.

It was so much fun that we went back for a second night later in the cruise.  That dinner was a competition between chefs.  It was just a fun as the first night and the different menu was just as delicious.  It included a salad chopped up by a sword wielding chef, a chef in a bull fight with cheese, a steak and fries factory (I opted for the sea bass instead of steak for that course) and a chef floating in a koi pond for a Japanese inspired dessert.