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Best Grilled Cheese in Colorado is at Slice O Life in Palisade

This is the sandwich I can’t stop dreaming about.  It’s just a grilled cheese, but the ooey gooeyness of this one makes it an ultimate grilled cheese.

I had just finished a 5 mile in Colorado National Monument and wanted a great lunch on my way back to Denver.  I remembered a delightful bakery/cafe in Palisade and figured I would pop in there.

As I perused the menu at Slice O Life Bakery in Palisade, Jennifer, the gal behind the counter, said “Order the grilled cheese.  It’s only on the menu for a limited time.”  It was chilly and windy so something warm was perfect.  I added tomato and cheese to mine, along with an almond milk latte to drink.

The cheese was oozes out of it – that’s the sign of a good grilled cheese!  I couldn’t wait to dive into the sandwich straight out of the panini presser.  One bite and I knew I had just tasted the best grilled cheese I’d ever even.  Plus, it was served with a side of gherkins for a little tart punch for your tastebuds.


I asked Jennifer for the recipe.  She laughed and said “it’s top secret,”  then quickly gave me the rundown of the melted yumminess.

Slice O Life Bakery Grilled Cheese

Cheeses:  Cream Cheese, Munster Cheese, and Cheddar Cheese (up to you how much cheese you want in your sandwich!)

Top with fresh dill and black pepper

Sprinkle parmesan on butter then grill – the parmesan butter is the secret. SO good!!!

Tomato and avocado are optional.


Great bread makes or breaks a sandwich and the breads from this bakery are out of sight.  I should know – I brought home a loaf of multi-grain and cinnamon raisin.  Guess I’ll be driving back to Palisade for more bread and another grilled cheese at Slice O Life Bakery soon!


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