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Zen to Spin at Keystone

Any chance I get to do mountaintop yoga, I jump at it. There’s something even more spiritual about my practice when my mat is on a mountaintop on a glorious morning. It’s the mountain peaks in the distance, being above treeline, the breeze, the warmth of the sun, and the peacefulness of nature at 11,640 feet high.


It’s even better when I get to practice with friends. That’s exactly what I got to do recently at Keystone Resort with friends Sara, Kristen, Sylvia, Darrel, and Greg. My buddy Greg had never taken any kind of yoga. I have to say, it’s really cool to watch someone practice for the first time.


Our instructor Jenna was a delight as she took us through an easy flow.  This is yoga for any ability.


If you want to bust out a side crow or handstand, go right ahead.  You can also spend time in child’s pose or just sit quietly taking in the spectacular scenery.  It’s your practice.


There were also moments when you just melt into the mat with the gentle breeze washing over you while the sun shines down on your face.  During our practice on that glorious morning, there were laughs, especially over a yoga fart.  Yes, those do happen, especially at altitude, and I won’t reveal which friend let one slip out and didn’t fess up until hours later during Bacon Fest!

If you want to try mountaintop yoga, each summer it’s offered at 10:30 am on the Keytop Deck every Saturday mid-June through Labor Day and on Sundays in July and August.  You do need to register by call 970-496-4386.  You need to be to the gondola by 10:15 am and the class is an hour.  Mats are provided if you need one.   Yoga and lift ticket cost $47.

*What you need:  sunscreen, sunglasses, light jacket or pullover, and water.


We went from zen to spin and headed over to snow tubing at Adventure Point Tubing.  I’ve gone tubing at Keystone before but only in the winter – Adventure Point is a must during ski season. Adventure Point Tubing is Colorado’s only summer tubing operation on real snow. It’s fast and fun in the summertime!

On the first run, Sarah, Kristen, Sylvia, and I went down together and Darrel and Greg went next.  One tip – wear sneakers instead of flip flops or sandals.  You do have to walk through a little snow to get to the conveyor.  After your run, you get to chill on the conveyor lift back up the hill.


Sylvia, Greg and I went as a group on the next run.

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe…and that was the best ending to a morning of zen to spin at Keystone.