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Slow Groovin’ BBQ at the End of Road

Marble is a tiny town truly off the beaten track and at the end of the road.  The town’s claim to fame may be the largest single piece of marble ever quarried, but it can also claim some darn good BBQ.

My buddy Darrel and I went to Marble to hike up to the famous Crystal Mill.  After checking out the marble debris along the Crystal River, the Marble Mill Site Park, and hiking to Crystal Mill, we were starving.

With the smoke rising from the smoker, the aromas of food, and an inviting porch, Slow Groovin’ BBQ was our late lunch stop.

IMG_8664First up – a celebratory cocktail!  I went for the Paonia Purple Sangria.  I love the small town of Paonia in western Colorado.  It’s a wonderful wine area of the state.  Slow Groovin’s sangria is local red wine from Paonia and local rum with orange, apple, lemon, lime, and soda water.  It’s light, refreshing and a perfect post-hike cocktail.

As with any good BBQ joint, it’s not just about the meat, it’s also about the sauces.  Slow Groovin’ has two.  The Gold Rush is a mustard vinegar based sauce.  The CO Sweet & Spicy Cherry is a jalapeño jam and ketchup sauce blend for a sauce with heat.
As a southern girl, I love cole slaw and Slow Groovin’s is really, really good.  It’s got a cilantro lime dressing then spiced with celery seed, black pepper, garlic salt, olive oil, and a pinch of sugar.  Since I’m not a mayonnaise fan, I love their cole slaw has no mayo.  Trust me – I tried to get the complete recipe!
Darrel went for the ribs and I went for the pulled pork.  We ate until we couldn’t eat anymore and still had a ton of leftovers!  To say we were in a food coma was an understatement.  I’d go back to Marble just for the food at the liveliest spot in town – Slow Groovin’ BBQ.

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