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MOD Coffeehouse

The definition of libation is “a drink poured out as an offering to a deity.”  Let’s face it, sometimes you’ve got to pay homage to the coffee gods.  In my case, that’s usually on a daily basis!

On a recent visit to Galveston, someone suggested I try MOD Coffeehouse.  Boy, was I glad they did!

So on a glorious Sunday morning, after hiking at Galveston Island State Park, I headed over to this spot that is modern, but also quirky, inviting, and delightful. It’s a small coffeehouse on Post Office Street, but there is plenty of space outside in the sunshine or under the ivy canopy of the pergola. When you’re standing in line, make sure to look up.  There’s also a fabulous cozy nook tucked away upstairs. On weekend evenings, they also have live music on the patio. The morning I was there it was a glorious day so I sat outside with my almond milk latte.

They’re also known for their pastries so I broke the diet and gave into a blueberry cinnamon scone.  In the name of research, right?!?!

Sitting outside, sipping a latte, and nibbling on a yummy scone was what I would call Sunday morning bliss.

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