Travel Tastes

Bosscat’s Southsider

As a picky cocktail connoisseur, I needed a few minutes to decipher the extensive craft cocktails list at Bosscat Kitchen & Libations.  So did my friend Hope.  Bartender Dave came to our rescue and was a huge help in the cocktail decision dilemma.

This southern girl ended up going with the Southsider. Guess it was South in the name that hooked me. I almost went for one of their Bosscat Mules, but decided on the Southsider since Dave said it’s really light and refreshing.  The cocktail is Seersucker Gin, mint, cucumber and citrus. It was so good I had two. Don’t worry – of course, we ubered home!

If you are a whiskey fan, this joint is a must when you’re in Houston. Their whiskey room is fabulous.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and get to go on a tour like we did.

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