Travel Tastes

Louis & Steen’s 

It’s the flavor of N’awlins in the tropical setting of the Bahamas.

With several hours to kill before catching a flight back to United States, I went on an adventure to find a breakfast joint by the sea.

About five minutes from the Nassau Airport is Louis & Steen’s, a New Orlean’s coffeehouse.

From sweet potato pancakes to a Cajun breakfast wrap, the flavors are creole in a setting by the sea.  Sway in the island breeze to the melodies of jazz music.

I went for my usual drink – almond milk latte. But since this coffeehouse is a taste of New Orleans, I had to try the beignets….for the sake of travel research of course!

The inside of Louis & Steen’s is small but there’s plenty of space outside with picnic tables, bistro tables and rocking chairs.

Plus you get to get lost in the melodic rythym of the ocean crashing on the shoreline.

If there happens to be a quick tropical shower, no worries. There’s a covered dining/seating area next door.

Sitting by the sea wall, sipping a latte and nibbling on beignets – now that’s my kind of airport layover!

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