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Solitude in Galveston

I found solitude in Galveston.  As the sun was coming up, I headed to the western part of the island seeking the refuge of Galveston Island State Park.

I wanted to log a couple of easy miles in the marshland.  On a very windy, but beautiful morning, I found solitude on the trails. It was just the birds and me.

Hiking-wise the trails are ultra easy.  There are a couple of muddy spots but basically, it was easy to navigate this area where freshwater meets saltwater.

The marshes are especially enticing to birds.  I did see a sign there are alligators in the park, but I didn’t see any.

It was just a short walk to my first overlook on the Clapper Rail Loop.  From up top, to match the expansive wetlands was an equally impressive early morning sky.

From there I walk my first boardwalk.  With the wind whipping, it may it a little more adventurous crossing the water.

As I meandered my way along the trails, I delighted in every sighting of birds.  I’m not a birder but in a place like this with so many different species, it’s intriguing to see what flies by next.  I saw pelicans, Roseate Spoonbills, herons, egrets, and some funny little black and white birds with pink legs that look more like stilts instead of legs.

I did see a few folks fishing and camping in the park, but there wasn’t a soul on the trails with me.  I got lucky and enjoyed the solitude of Galveston Island State Park.

Here’s some of the sights and sounds of my hike.  Next time I want to go on one of their paddling trails!


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