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Cowboy Up To The Colorado Campfire Sour

National Western Stock Show starts today with parade through downtown Denver.  True to usual Stock Show weather, Denver is getting another cold blast and snow today.  Hyatt Place and Hyatt House in downtown Denver have the perfect cocktail to keep you warm as you kick up your boots after a long day in the saddle.

The Colorado Campfire Sour embodies the state’s outdoorsy lifestyle with smokey undertones reminiscent of sitting by the campfire.  You’ll have to cowboy or cowgirl up to a strong finish.  TINCUP American Whiskey is made with Midwestern grains, aged in new American white oak barrels, and cut with Rocky Mountain water.  The name TINCUP comes from Colorado’s original whiskey drinkers as miners searching for gold drank whiskey out of tin cups.


Colorado Campfire Sour:  *Makes 2 cocktails
3 shots (4.5 oz) TINCUP American Whiskey
1.5 shots (2.25 oz) fresh lemon juice
3/4 shot (1.13 oz) maple syrup
1 spring rosemary (plus 2 for garnish)

Directions: Add TINCUP American whiskey, lemon juice and maple syrup to a shaker.  Light a sprig of rosemary on fire and add to the shaker.  Cap and seal shaker; let stand for 30 seconds so mixture can infuse with smoke.  Add ice and shake for 15 seconds.  Strain over large cubes of ice.  Garnish with remaining rosemary.