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Forget Resolutions, 2016 Is A Year Of Intentions

Two workouts done by noon on January 1st. I know what you’re thinking…overachiever! Well maybe, but one was a workout and the other was a work in. From each class, I came away with a mantra perfect for 2016.

I started 2016 in my typical fashion of go, go, go in an Endurance Spin class at Pura Vida Club with wheels down at 8am. Yes, bright and early on the first day of the new year. My trainer Sarah Foxtaught the class and true to her form, she threw down gauntlet. Whether pushing me through a tough weight series, intense intervals set, or hardcore cardio like this spin class, Sarah often says, ” Yes you can, yes you will.” Today, she reminded us of those who can’t and tweaked the mantra slightly, “Because you can, you will.”


Interestingly enough, on the last day of 2015, at the end of of the Restore and Repair class at Pura Vida taught by my friend Debbie Siebers, she gave us intention cards. Mine said, “There is nothing I cannot be, do, or have.”


I wanted to head into 2016 with some sort of word of intention. This year is about intentions for me, not resolutions. When I woke up this morning the word “openness” popped into my head. That’s my word I thought. It’s perfect for me as a reminder to be open to new experiences, be open to change, be open to help from others, be open to those who will come into my life this year, and be open to being okay with those who exit my life in 2016. Be observant, be receptive, be open….that’s what my word of intention “openness” means to me this year. While I was grinding it out on the spin bike, Sarah’s mantra and “openness” kept cycling through my head.


After a butt kicking workout, I decided to do a work in and take a restorative yoga class at The Freyja Project. If you’ve never tried restorative, it’s the honey of yoga classes….easy, quiet, relaxing, and time to just be. As we settled in to our first pose and concentrated on breathing, Caryn, said, “Breathe in quiet. Exhale calm.” Following my word of intention “openness,” this mantra hit me like rock. For someone who has a difficult time sitting still and slowing down, I realized in this class that I need to be open to the quiet serenity. I’ll admit, I am not good at meditating….although I don’t think that will surprise anyone. But, I am open to finding more of the quiet serenity I enjoy in the wilderness in the daily grind of life this year.


Ironically, Caryn also gave out intention cards. Mine says, “I am unlimited in my wealth. All areas of my life are abundant and fulfilling.”


Very poignant I thought. It was very much a reminder of the many blessing I have. Yes, my life is very full of adventure and joy, but I am looking forward to being open to whatever this year brings me. Hello 2016…..I’m open and ready for a heck of a ride!

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