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Winter Sunrise At Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is spectacular any time of year.  But there’s something about seeing the red sandstone with at least a dusting of snow at sunrise that is absolutely magical.


The 300 foot sandstone formations are stunning with a backdrop of a snowcapped Pikes Peak.  Dusted with snow, the formations are even more breathtaking, especially at sunrise when pink, purple, orange, red, and yellow hues make this natural wonder even more spectacular.


The bulk of the formations are concentrated in one area. The Perkins Central Garden Trail is an easy 1.5 mile paved pathway.


While walking around the rock formations, you may encounter wildlife.


There are 15 miles of trails to explore in the Garden of the Gods. The park is free.  Driving around and you can also drive around to enjoy some spectacular views of other rock formations like Balanced Rock.


It is open year round and the best part of all is that admission is free. It can be windy, so make sure to layer up.  In winter, you’ll most likely want a coat, hat, and gloves or mittens.  Winter boots, even some Yaktrax,  are also a great idea since there can be icy spots on the walking path.

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