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Mystery Ranch Stuffel

I gear tested the Mystery Ranch Stuffel during a cabin weekend with some of my cousins. Since it was cold and I needed lots of layers, I put it to the test on how much you can stuff into this duffel that packs into itself for easy storage. What I found is the Stuffel is the travel pack I didn’t know I needed for weekend road trips. Here’s what and how I packed.

Stuffing the Stuffel – Pack List

I started in the separated shoe compartment where I put slippers and a velveteen jogger set. There was plenty of room for more. In the main section I was able to easily fit: fleece lined leggings, fleece lined joggers, 2 t-shirts, long sleeve tee, puffy half-zip top, fleece half-zip top, fleece lined zip up jacket, mid-layer pullover, fleece pullover, fleece lined pants, and a baseball cap. I was able to get all of that in the main compartment without having to use compression bags. There are two zipper mesh pockets inside the horseshoe-style opening. In the top one, I put socks, undies, extra bra, lotion, and headlamp. In the larger one, I put a cozy scarf, winter hat, sports bra, and thicker boot socks. I overpacked a little to see how much I could really fit in this Stuffel and could have gotten even more in it.

The Specs

It comes in three sizes of 30L, 45L, and 60L and range from $109-$129. It also comes in three colors – black, sunset (orange), and twig (olive green). Mine is the 45L weighing 1.4 pounds in the color twig (lizard on Amazon). Stuffs into its own boot/shoe compartment down to 10”x10.5”x4”. Like other Mystery Ranch travel pouches and bags, it does compress some and would be more like 3” in width when packed in a suitcase for an extra bag if going on a shopping trip. In the pack away mode, there’s room to at least add a puffy jacket in it. There’s also a handle when it’s in packable rectangle bag. The 30L (20.5”x10”x9.5”) and 45L (22.5”x12”x10.5”) can be used as a carry-on on a flight.

The Review

The Mystery Ranch Stuffel is going to be a road trip go-to item for me, especially for 2-3 night trips. The key features I really like are the separate boot/shoe compartment, generous internal organization pockets, and handles on all four sides. The shoulder straps are convertible so the bag can be worn as a backpack or side carry. You can easily unclip and remove the straps if you need to check the bag. The straps are not padded and a little wide for me to wear it as a backpack, which is why I’m using it as a road trip pack and might use it as an extra bag on a trip to Paris, Rome, or other destination where I would likely be shopping versus using it as my regular travel backpack. Like all Mystery Ranch packs and travel items, the material is durable and water resistant. Plus it’s lightweight and the long zipper pulls make it easy to open and close.

Author Jennifer Broome gear tests outdoor and travel products regularly in search of the best items for her annual holiday gift guide and other seasonal gear lists. Mystery Ranch Spiff Kit and Zoid Bags made my 2022 Holiday Gift Guide favs.

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