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I’m Obsessed With Gregory Mountain Products Border Traveler 30L Backpack

The Border Traveler 30L is my first Gregory Mountain Products pack and I’m obsessed with it. My obsession starts with the active shield compartment that is vapor and odor resistant, plus easy to clean. After hiking in Moab I left my stinky clothes including grubby socks in the compartment to test the technology. When I pulled them out, the clothes immediate went into the washing machine, but there was no hint of stink in the bag! The compartment is made of polygiene with the active ingredient of biocide to eliminate odors. I was also shocked how many dirty clothes and shoes in the compartment.

Here are details on this pack for adventure travel. It’s 21.5” tall, 14” wide and has a 7.9” depth. The pack weights 2.5 pounds. It has a split case design and multiple pockets (2 inside and 2 on the exterior). It also has an electronic slot that can carry up to a 15” laptop.

A couple of other features I really like are it has three discreet handles in addition to the comfortable straps. The handles make it extra easy to get this pack in and out of car or overhead on a plane. I also really like how the zippers have covers for added protection while traveling. This pack, like all Gregory backpacks, comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This was my go to pack for trips to Banff, Canada, and Fairbanks, Alaska. I also used it as my overnight pack when I spent a night in Coldfoot, above the Arctic Circle. All three experiences gave me plenty of time with this pack on my bag. It’s comfortable and breathable. I didn’t get sweaty back from a pack while traveling. I still can’t believe how much cold and ski gear I can get in this bag. For Banff, I even had my ring light and tripod in it for television live shots. This pack can hold a ton! On the back is a hidden slot so it can easily slide on the handle of a roller.

The durability of the bag was put to test while I snowmobiled and overnighted in Yellowstone National Park. While parked at Norris Geyser Basin, my guide and I had put our coats over our packs that were strapped on to the snow machines. We did this because ravens are known to “yard sale” backpacks and duffles as they hunt for food. We we got back to the parking area, our coats were on the ground which meant ravens attacked. I had my keys in the tech pocket and they did take those out and thankfully dropped them next to the snow machine. They also opened the pack but weren’t able to get into the inside compartments. They also didn’t open the front exterior pocket. I was so flabbergasted my keys were in the snow that I forgot to take pictures of the now funny raven attack. This pack is raven tested and the bag won…and I’ll be putting my keys in the zipper pouch of the exterior pocket.

I also really like Gregory’s commitment to sustainability. All fabrics in my pack are mad from recycled materials resulting in a 40% reduction in carbon footprint when compared to a conventional nylon pack.

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