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The Cutest and Coziest Compression Socks for Travel are by Vim & Vigr

I have several friends who swear by compression socks on long haul flights. They’re supposed to improve circulation I’m a compression socks newbie. My recent international flight from Denver to Germany gave me a great chance to try ones from Vim & Vigr.

I have two pairs. One pair is red and white pinstripe with blue on the toes and heels. This pair is everyday compression. The second pair is blue with tiny rainbows with Hope and Heart on the feet. This pair is moderate compression. I love the cute designs of the therapeutic threads with graduated compression. Vim & Vigr’s technology is supposed to energize legs, reduce swelling, alleviate achiness and heaviness, and promote muscle recovery. I really like they worked with vascular surgeons and vein clinics to create the socks. I also like it’s a woman-owned company based in Missoula, Montana.

I posted an Instagram story before my flight took off and one of my dearest friends, who is a nurse, messaged me, “Yassssss!! No sausage toes for you!!” The comment made me laugh and I secretly hoped she was right as I’ve done an overnight flight before and couldn’t get my shoes back on when we landed. I hadn’t worn knee-high socks since I was a kid so I knew the socks would take a little getting used to. In the first two hours of my flight I could feel my legs tingling a little. Guess it was the compression technology working. About six hours into my flight I did have to push down the socks a little since I wasn’t used to the high socks. After a brief break I pulled them back up and completed the flight with no issues. I really loved that my feet didn’t swell. With no jet lag for my feet and lower legs, I was ready to hit the ground running on my trip. If you’re like me and not a high sock wearer, I’d suggest giving a pair a test run at home before your flight so you’re used to them. On my flight back to the US, I had no issues and was thrilled to not have swollen travel legs upon arrival. I’m traveling to London next month and can’t wait to wear my cute compression socks on the international flight.

These socks aren’t just for travel. They’re great for anyone who stand for long periods of times like healthcare workers, athletes, expectant mothers, or anyone who could use a circulation boost. Since Christmas is right around the corner, these are great socking stuffers too! Vim & Vigr also makes tights and calf sleeves. Think a pair of their tights might be in my near future!

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