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Hiking Strawberry Narrows Trail from Strawberry Reservoir in Utah

I’ve driven by Strawberry Reservoir on Highway 40 in northern Utah multiple time on trips to and from visiting some dear friends who live in Heber City. I had never stopped or hiked at the reservoir until my friends Pam and Earl took me along with Carson, another friend’s son. This is a great hike if you’re looking for rolling terrain versus a steep or rocky trail.


Strawberry Narrows Trail #34 is a 12-mile multi-use trail for hiking, biking and riding. After a beautiful drive along the edge of Strawberry Reservoir, we started at Renegade Point marina in the southwest corner of the reservoir.

The first mile is full exposed as you hike through a sagebrush flat. Make sure to wear sunscreen. We skirted the southern shoreline of Strawberry Reservoir before entering a forested canyon.

The trail starts to climb as it ducks in and out of lovely aspen groves, which would also make this a wonderful fall hike.

As we hiked into the pines, the reservoir narrows to a water-filled canyon connecting Strawberry and Soldier Creek Reservoirs. The canyon is called “The Narrows.”

We hiked along the heavily forested rolling trail. At times we were high above the water with steep cliffs. The trail goes in and out of the trees as you walk along the water’s edge. We found a wonderful shady spot for a snack break before hiking back and enjoying great views of The Narrows and Strawberry Reservoir. We had to pick up the pace for the last mile as a storm blew in. If you want to hike the whole 12-mile trail, you probably want to stage another car at Aspen Grove marina. We did a 6.5-mile out-and-back hike.

Afterwards, we headed to the Lodge Pole Grill at Daniels Summit Lodge. My grilled cheese and sweet potato fries hit the spot post-hike!

Jennifer Broome has traveled extensively in Utah. For another hike close to this one, do Foreman Hollow Trail near Daniels Summit. Blood Lake Hike on Guardman Pass is another great hike for summer or fall. For a scenic drive, check out my blog on Mirror Lake Scenic Byway. I’ve also shared my favorite places to eat in Heber City.