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Cornet Falls Hike in Telluride, Colorado

While in Telluride for a few days with my friends Sarah and Chris, along with their two daughters Aria and Caroline, we set out in search of a waterfall.  It was late afternoon and we didn’t want a long hike.  From the gondola earlier in the afternoon, we saw a waterfall across the box canyon.  Chris suggested we go wandering to find it.  So, wandering we did.

We headed up Aspen Street and found the Jud Wiebe Trailhead.  Before crossing over the bridge to take that challenging trail, we took an off-shoot trail that follows Cornet Creek.  This trail is shady, rocky and steep.  But it’s short and that’s makes it kid friendly.  Wear shoes with good traction as there is some loose rock along the trail.  After a few minutes of hiking, I turned around to a great view of Telluride Ski Resort.

It’s only a quarter of a mile to the 80-foot Cornet Falls.  Thanks to snowmelt, the falls and creek were really flowing.  We felt the refreshing spray of the falls at the bottom then scrambled up the right side of the falls for a different view of these falls tucked back in a small red rock canyon.  It was then that I decided to look up what falls we were at on our waterfall adventure.

We probably stayed at the falls for about 15 minutes before heading back down the trail.  We found a great spot to relax and play along the creek.  I decided to take off my hiking shoes and dip my feet in the icy cold water.  It’s nature’s cryotherapy!  Give yourself an hour to hike and enjoy the falls and creek.

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