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The Perfect Bungalow in Patagonia: Toore Patagonia in Puerto Natales

I stayed in the perfect bungalow in Patagonia. When I was searching for a place to stay in Puerto Natales, I came across Toore Patagonia on My $8 taxi from the airport dropped me off in front of the cutest shop. Miriam Parra is housed in a whimsical red and dark teal building. It’s filled with all sorts of artisan finds. Toore Patagonia’s four bungalows are behind the store and surround a lovely garden. The same people own the bungalows, shop and several cars you can rent. I was a little early to check in so Mari let me leave my bags and off I went to find lunch and explore Puerto Natales.

I quickly found out Toore Patagonia is in a primo location. It’s just two blocks up the hill from the water and just a couple of blocks to the center of town. Puerto Natales is a walkable town so you don’t need a car, unless you want to drive into Torres del Paine like I did. Rental cars can be difficult to find in Puerto Natales so I was grateful to see that Toore Patagonia offers 3 different rental cars. After booking my room, I made a reservation directly with Toore Patagonia to rent a car for my 2-night stay in the national park following my two nights in Puerto Natales.

My rental car from Toore Patagonia. I made lots of stops along the scenic road heading into Torres del Paine National Park.

After exploring, I checked in to find my bags had already been put in my bungalow. I really appreciated that. Out of the four bungalows, I stayed in Kuyeka, the bungalow upstairs. I instantly feel in love with the large windows letting in a ton of natural light, the neutral tones in the decor, the sleek yet earthy design, and of course, the view. I could see the water either sitting at the island, from the balcony and even from the bed. I didn’t cook during my stay, but you can. I did put the electric kettle to good use for instant coffee and tea. In the bathroom, I loved the really cool sink. The bed is super comfy too.

If you’re heading to Puerto Natales, I highly recommend booking one of the bungalows. Not only did I enjoy my stay, but I also enjoyed chatting with Mari and Pamela who gave me recommendations for where to eat and what to see in Puerto Natales. One of the suggestions was to eat at Lenga Restaurant, which is across the street. They both said it’s the best food in Puerto Natales, but I think it just might be the best food in Patagonia. As I was checking out and renting the car to drive to Torres del Paine, I did do a little shopping, bringing home a beautiful wrap made of alpaca wool and a leather waist purse. I’ll think of Toore Patagonia every time I wear both. When I returned to drop off the rental car two days later, they ordered a taxi to take me to the airport. It was yet another moment of excellent hospitality I experienced in Puerto Natales. I left wishing I could stay a few more days in the Kuyeka bungalow at Toore Patagonia.

Author Jennifer Broome spent four nights in Patagonia and wanted to stay longer. She recommends at least two nights in Puerto Natales before or after a stay in Torres del Paine. You could also stay in Puerto Natales the entire time and do day trips into the national park, which is about an hour and forty minute drive.