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A Zen Morning on Trout Lake

While at Telluride Yoga Festival, I got a chance to do something I love – paddle boarding.  It was early Saturday morning when our group met Bob at Bootdoctors in Mountain Village.  We loaded up and headed to what I think is one of the most picturesque lakes in Colorado.  Our group of five drove the the super scenic San Juan Skyway to Trout Lake, about 15 minutes from Telluride.  As we arrived, I immediately noticed how calm Trout Lake was.  It was about 9am, so we virtually had the lake to ourselves.  I couldn’t stop looking at the mirror-like reflection in the lake.  This wasn’t an organized SUP yoga outing, which I enjoy too, but I often find namaste while being active in nature.  Namaste means “I bow to the divine in you.”  That respect, peace, and balance, which is at the core of yoga, was ever present during our paddle boarding morning.

After getting geared up, one by one Jayme, Melissa, Bob, Tom and I pushed away from the shore and out into water that was as smooth as glass.  Bob gave us some paddle pointers and off we went SUPing around the historic lake.  During railroad days, Trout Lake with its water tower was a prime stop for the Rio Grande Southern Railroad.  As I paddled around the lake, I closed my eyes a couple of times and just imagined the chug of a steam engine rolling down the tracks.

After about 45 minutes of paddling, with clouds bubbling up over the surround peaks, we headed in, but not before I tried a few yoga poses.  Trying any pose on a paddle board is humbling and exhilarating at the same time.  Of course there’s the possibly of falling in the water, but there’s also less pressure on your knees and other joints in poses.  I love the challenge of trying yoga poses on a paddle board, and I’m also okay with poses not being perfect as was the case with my modified side plank.

I decided to try a pose I have difficulty holding on my mat on a floor.  Using the benefit of the water, I was able to grasp my foot and strike king pigeon pose.  Maybe one day I’ll get it all the way with hands over my head holding my foot, but for now, I okay with just grabbing my foot.

As the clouds continued to roll in with monsoon season in full swing, it was time to end my zen at Trout Lake.  But, how lucky and blessed I was to experience the peaceful of Trout Lake when it’s like glass.  Namaste.



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