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Lobster Crostini

It’s the appetizer that is an absolute must at Gessner in Hotel Talisa in Vail, Colorado.  The three crostini bites look like a culinary work of art.  As good as they look, they taste even better with loads of lobster, avocado, tomato, and roasted corn drizzled with lemon terragon crème fraîche on a crostini.


On my recent visit to Hotel Talisa (read about it in my Time at Talisa blog), I had the Lobster Crostini not once, but twice!  Had it for lunch with one friend, then ordered it again at dinner with two different friends.

It’s so good I asked for the recipe to share and Executive Chef Jay Spickelmier was kind enough to share.  If you’re not a lobster fan, or its to fancy for your budget, I think substituting shrimp would be a great alternative for this wonderful appetizer that’s sure to wow your dinner guests!


Hotel Talisa’s Lobster Crostini

Ingredients: (For 3 crostini pieces)

  1. DICED TOMATO – 1 oz
  2. AVOCADO – 2 oz
  3. CHARRED CORN – 2oz
  5. LOBSTER – Claw and Knuckle meat preferred – 3 oz
  6. Coriander Blossoms – 3 florets
  7. Chervil to garnish the plate – 1/8 oz

Directions:  Poach Maine Lobster then dress with Agrumato lemon oil, coriander blossoms and fleur de sel on a toasted French baguette crostini seasoned with garlic and herbs.  Top with whipped lemon tarragon crème fraiche, roasted corn, diced tomatoes and avocado mélange.

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