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When a Sunday Storm Rolls Through Moab

I was supposed to drive from Moab to Heber City today, but I changed my plans as a winter storm was dumping snow and packing gusty winds on my road trip route.  So I extended my stay for another night in Moab and devised a Plan B – hiking Longbow Arch, breakfast in town, then spend the afternoon hiking in Arches National Park.  I was hoping maybe I’d get to log some miles.  But, I was also realistic weather was going to change my plans.

I woke up early enough to catch sunrise.  I thought about bolting up to Arches, but decided to ease into the morning since I could see the clouds moving in from the windows in Moab Digs, my AirBnB for the weekend.  I kept stealing glimpses of the sky while watching Good Morning America and Sunday Today With Willie Giest.  When the magic moment of the sky turning shades of pink and orange, I stepped out on the balcony just to take in the stunning sunrise view.


I decided to go head and drive to the Poison Spider Trailhead to try to hike to Longbow Arch.  As I turned on to Highway 279, the tumbleweeds were rollin’ and dust was flyin’!  With light rain starting I knew my hiking plans were quickly going down the tubes.  But, being a meteorologist, I was fascinated with my front row seat to the storm rolling down the canyon.  With swirling winds, the tumbleweeds would roll down the hill then back up.  It was crazy!  The storm moving in scene was so spectacular I pulled over to capture a little video.

Right after that, the steady cold rain started.  I continued to drive down Highway 279, marveling at the beauty.  The rain seemed to enhance the color of the sandstone sheer cliffs and the color of the Colorado River.

I saw a sign for Indian Writing and figured I would stop on the way back.  I made it to the trailhead, already knowing I wasn’t going to hike.  I used that as my turn around point and headed back to the pull off for the Indian Writing.  From my car I scanned the cliff wall for petroglyphs.  I couldn’t find them at first, then all of the sudden they were there.  Listening to the rain hit my car and looking at the petroglyphs I wondered what the story was.

With the rain coming down and the winds howling, I decided to head back into Moab for breakfast.  I headed the Eklecticafe.  Quirky and cozy is how I would describe this cafe.  I ordered the House Taters with potatoes, cheese, egg, and a side of salsa.  The cafe was packed so I headed out to the covered porch.  I was the only one outside, but not for long.  The hot almond milk latte I ordered sure tasted good as the chilly rain continued.  As I was eating a local sat down at the table across from me.  He struck up a conversation and I found out he was a former political writer now turned poetry writer and painter.

It looked like it was going to be a few hours before the rain would stop so I headed back to Moab Digs.  As I settled in to write for awhile, the rain changed to sleet.

It changed back to all rain and finally tapered off and winds slacked.  As I’m finishing this I can see a little blue sky starting to make an appearance in the distance.  Time for me to try to make at least one of the hikes I had hoped to do today!