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These Boots are Made for Traveling

These are my favorite boots for traveling….ever!  On a girls trip a few years ago it was pouring in San Francisco.  Several of the girls bought the Aquatalia Odilia Boots at full price ($650) because it was pouring rain all weekend and they needed (and wanted!) some stylish waterproof boots.

Fast forward to last summer, and two of us – my friend Christy and I – found the same black boots on sale for about $200 in Colorado Footwear in Beaver Creek.  It’s my favorite shoe shop in Colorado because of there unique shoes, wonderful staff, and off season sales!  I also snagged a pair of Bernie-Mev Woven Foot Fabulousness and Frye Melanie Slip Ons.

You can find Aquatalia Odilia Boots on sale on multiple sites, including Aquatalia.  Get these boots!  They are worth the money.  They truly are functional luxury.

Aquatalia Odilia Boot

Photo Courtesy: Aquatalia

First reason – They’re Italian made boots.  Italians shoes and boots are just made better and are a higher quality.  That means they’ll last.

Second Reason – They’re ultra comfortable.  I’ve walked miles in the boots without getting sore tootsies.  Today is a perfect example – wore the boots to Outdoor Retailer in Denver and walked over four and a half miles no problem in the boots.

Third Reason – They’re perfect for flying.  Often women’s shoes or boots with any kind of heel will set off of the scanner when going through security.  These usually don’t which means I can keep my shoes on going through pre-check.  Plus with the stretchy calf, they stay super comfy in-flight.  I was actually on a flight on Monday when I decided I need to do a blog on the boots.


Fourth Reason – They’re waterproof.  That’s a big deal in a city like Denver which has snow, melting snow, and sometimes melting snow and ice for days.  Plus they’re clutch in rain, as my friends found out in torrential downpours during our San Fran girls trip a couple years back.

Fifth Reason – Friends and even strangers are going to ask you where you got your boots.  While at Posh the Salon today, my dear friend and stylist Lisa Holste was chatting with me while my lowlights processed and, no joke, in mid sentence she stopped talking and zoned in on my boots.  It was a total “Squirrel!” moment that led to her promptly searching on Google and purchasing the boots at a great price!

Yes, these boots are make for traveling…and anything else you want to do rain or shine.

Aquatalia Boots

Photo courtesy: Aquatalia


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