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Swing by the Sea in Galveston

When you think of Galveston, golf may not be the first thing that pops into your mind. But if you want to take a swing by the sea, head over to Moody Gardens Golf Course. On this seaside course, you can tee it up on fairways line with over 500 palm trees swaying in the sea breeze.

This par 72 seaside course meanders through uplands and lowlands in the wetlands of the beautiful Sydnor Bayou.

With the famous Moody Pyramids in the distance, the Moody Gardens Golf Course is Galveston’s premiere public course and a wonderful place to take a swing by the sea. The course has a special turf. Most golf courses in southeast Texas have St. Augustine grass or Bermuda. Moody Gardens Golf Course has Paspalum, which works well in the heat and wind on the island.

This premiere golf course is also a wildlife sanctuary. Don’t be surprised if you see rabbits, blue herons, roseate spoonbills, teal ducks, or other wildlife.


It helps if you’re a water lover on this course. Sixteen of the eighteen holes have water making this seaside course a unique round of golf.

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