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Lost Buck Spur Trail

On my last visit to Beaver Creek, I wanted to hike a trail I hadn’t done before and, boy, was I treated to a spectacular view on the Lost Buck Spur Trail.

My friend Christy and I head up Elk Track Road from Beaver Creek Village.  We did the 5 Senses Trail then followed the road up to the fire station and maintenance buildings.  It’s about a mile.  The Floods Fishing Ponds will be on your left and the Lost Buck Spur Trail is on the right.  If you continue straight, you’ll continue on to Beaver Lake, which I’ve hiked to several times and each time loved it. 

As we headed on Lost Buck Spur,  we got some beautiful views of trees and mountains in the distance pretty quickly.

We did have one hazard on the trail….in the form of a bird.  It was zigzagging back and forth on the trail.  I thought maybe there were some babies nearby from the way it was guarding the trail and hissing at us.  Christy decided to bolt by it.  When I got the chance to bolt by it, the bird turned its legs into roadrunner speed…or so it seemed to me…and laid chase after me.  So I booked it to Christy who was dying laughing.  Nothing like being chased by a hissing bird!

Ok so in the video the bird is just scooting along but trust me it was hissing, strutting, and chasing!

The trail takes you through a wonderful aspen glade.  One of my favorite sounds in the world is aspens quaking.  They flutter or dance in the breeze and make a soothing sound known as quaking.

As we headed out of the aspens, we were on what is normally a ski run in the winter.  

In summer it’s covered with wildflowers and offers a spectacular view of Beaver Creek and surrounding mountains.  Lost Buck Spur is a short trail – just .75 miles one way – that offers a big payoff.

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