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Wander on Over to Gypsyville

Twice a year antique seekers and junkers come from all around to shop the Texas Antique Week in Round Top.  I went to the fall one (usually late September/early October), but the spring one (usually late March/early April) is in full swing.

While I was wandering through tent after tent and miles of everything from farm doors to victorian antiques to vintage road signs, I fell in love with the shop by Amie and Jolie Sikes.  They’re the creators of Junk Gyspy and their headquarters – Gypsyville – is in the heart of the antique madness.   The shop is there year round, so on any visit to Round Top, swing by and see the sisters and crew at Gypsyville.

They call themselves “purveyors of the world’s finest junk.” Gypsyville is this wonderful collection of everything from tasseled jewelry to glamping accessories.  From blinged out belts and chandeliers to romantic bedding to vintage boots, it’s this eclectic assortment of anything and everything a cowgirl (or wanderer or city slicker) could want.

As a traveler, wanderer, and a girl who’s a little bit city, a whole lot country, and fan of a bohemian vibe, I’m a huge fan of Amie and Jolie.  They’re juxtapositions really.  They’re free spirits, yet business savvy.  They’re huge successes in the design world and hobnob with A-listers including close friend Miranda Lambert, yet as humble as farm girls out doing chores on the ranch.  They’re dreamers and they’re doers.  I admire their wanderlust spirit and how they turned their passion into a huge business and run it with class, humility, and kindness.  I can’t wait to visit their newest venture, Wander Inn, when it opens.

Plus…they have this really cool sign y’all!

Remember, “not all who wander are lost.”

Top off a day of wandering at Gypsyville and throughout Round Top with dinner and music at Zapp Hall.

It will be a classic Texas experience and sure to be an evening of great food, entertainment, dancing, and you may even see the Junk Gypsies there.



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