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Part of the Lone Star Hiking Trail

On a very warm, humid morning I hit the trail in Sam Houston National Forest. I covered about six miles on the Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT) and didn’t see a soul on the trail.

I started out from the trailhead off FM 1375 and headed toward Stubblefield Campground.The trail was easy to navigate as you wind through the thick forest listening to the birds sing. With the thick brush you definitely want to make sure you have on bug repellent.  Along the trail I noticed some berries I’d never seen before. Wish I knew what the fuschia berries are but I haven’t a clue.After 0.6 miles, I arrive at a beautiful spot along Lake Conroe. The LSHT is 129 miles total and this would be a great spot to camp.  It was the perfect spot to sit on a log and just soak in the view.There was this wonderful knotted tree close to the water. As I took a close look, I noticed these wonderful white mushrooms tucked away in one of the tree folds.From there I hiked on and marveled at a feeder stream that changed into a stream of neon green from the flora covering it. A bright orange mushroom stopped me in my tracks.As I hiked farther into the brush, the trail seemed to disappear. I could have bushwacked but considering the number of spider webs I’d already gone through, I decided to retrace my steps back to the trailhead.I drove to the Stubblefield Campground and hiked back from there.  This part of the trail had more trees fallen across the trail to maneuver, patches of thick brush, glimpses of Lake Conroe, and wonderful forest.After logging miles in the heat and humidity, taking in the view of Stubblefield Lake was worth the effort, along with solitude on the LSHT.

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