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McGregor Mountain Lodge’s Crock-pot Cider

When I stay at McGregor Mountain Lodge in Estes Park, one of the things I look forward to is their crock-pot cider.  It is a great welcoming drink and worth stopping in the office for a cup to warm up after a winter adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park.  During my last stay, I asked for the recipe.  It is so simple, yet so good.  You can spice it up a little if you would like to make it an adult cider.


McGregor Crock-pot Cider Recipe

2/3 Part Apple Juice

1/3 Part Cranberry Juice

1 Orange

3 Cinnamon Sticks

Cut orange into three thick slices.  Put cinnamon sticks through oranges slices.  Put juices and orange slices with cinnamon sticks in crock-pot.  Let cider warm on high for a couple of hours.