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Don’t Slip on Ice or Snow! Get Traction This Winter with Kahtoola EXOSpikes

Finally upgraded my old winter traction gear and glad I picked Kahtoola. I saw a CDC stat that says close to 1 million Americans are injured every year from falling on ice/snow. I don’t want to be in that statistic!

They have three options for traction: Nanospikes ($49.95) are for urban use to easily navigate icy sidewalks or roads. These are great for shopping, running and walking in the city on those icy and snowy days. EXOSpikes ($59.95) are for both on and off-road use. Since you can wear these on icy sidewalks or snowy trails, I think this pair is the biggest bang for your buck. They great for city use including hitting urban parks and trails or if you’re doing a short hike in a rural or mountain setting. Microspikes ($69.95) are beefier. They’re for off-road trails and mountain hiking. They’re great for frozen mountainous terrain and you can wear them in ice, snow, and mud. I tested my EXOSpikes out on slip-one, boots, and running shoes to see how easy they are to put on and off different types of footwear. These store away and travel easily since they fold and fit into a small pouch.

I first tested my EXOSpikes out while hiking to ice caves near Pagosa Springs, Colorado on a packed snow trail. I was immediately surprised by how easy they are to get on and off your shoe or boot. I’ve also tried them out on icy sidewalks and roads while walking dogs with a friend in her golf course community. I felt no slippage on snow or ice, which is definitely reassuring. They also seem lighter than other traction devices I’ve used and stay put on your shoe or boot.

I featured them in my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide as they were a gift I gave myself. Really wish I would have switched to Kahtoola sooner! Plus the company is based in Flagstaff, Arizona and donated over $50,000 to indigenous projects and communities in 2021. It’s a brand that I’m now a huge fan of since they make an excellent product to keep you injury-free and they give back.