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Socks with Infrared Technology: Review of True Energy Socks

I was skeptical of these socks promising to energize your feet and speed up recovery. True Energy Socks have infrared nano-particles blended into the yarn. The technology works as the nano-particles capture your body’s heat. That infrared energy expands the capillaries in your feet to improve circulation and stimulate cellular recovery. The list of benefits on the back of the packages are enticing: enhance recovery, reduce lactic acid, temporary pain relief, reduce swelling, increase circulation and relax tight muscles.

I tested them out on a short two-mile hike to see Nobletts Creek Falls in Utah. There are three pairs in the Lo-Cut package. I put mine on in the car and gave a pair to my friend Pam for her to try.

The socks are thick, which makes for comfy cushioning during hike. There’s more compression around toes than at heel. I really like the arch compression and support. Both Pam and I commented also immediately how good they feel, especially around the arch.

As we were hiking I noticed my feet felt warm, but not hot. My feet never felt sweaty. My feet felt energized and even my calves, which are often very tight, felt good. The verdict post-hike? Both Pam and I gave the True Energy Lo-cut socks a big thumbs up for hiking. Plus, they are anti-odor and antibacterial. Yes, I put them to a smell test after hiking to confirm.

I think they would be great for strength training workouts too. I typically walk and run in thin socks, but going to give these socks a whirl to test out how they feel pounding the pavement. I’ll update when I do. I can’t wait to try the graduated compression in the True Energy Over the Calf socks on a long flight. The socks would be great for people like doctors and nurses who are on their feet for hours at a time.

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