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Breckenridge Troll has a New Home

Isak Heartstone, aka the “Breckenridge Troll,” has a new home this summer.  I got a sneak peek of his new place in the forest this past weekend.  Danish artist and designer Thomas Dambo returned to Breckenridge in early June to get Isak settled in.  Dambo is known for recycling and upcycling as he builts art installations out of trash.  In his case, “one man’s trash is another’s treasure.”  This is an update to my first troll blog “See a Troll in Breckenridge.”

If you’re headed out on a troll hunt, you can either walk or bike from downtown or take the Breck Free Ride shuttle to Stephen C. West Ice Arena on the southside of town.  From the shuttle stop, you’ll see the troll footprints marking the way to a newly created sustainable trail of stones.  I thought the footprints were a cute touch to lead you to the Trollstigen Trail in Illinois Gulch.

There is only one-way to see the troll.  When you get to the stone trail, go to the right and follow the loop around on the one-way directional trail.  Keep an eye out for wildlife along the trail and keep your distance if you encounter any.

It’s only a quarter of a mile to see the 15-foot wooden scuplture.  I thought Isak looked very comfortable in the shade of the trees.  I even think his smile is a little bigger in the comforts of his new home.

Remember to leave no trace and take only photos.  Remember Isak is a piece of art, so don’t climb on him.  For walking and biking directions, along with how to take the shuttle, check out Go Breck’s webpage “How the find the Breckenridge Troll.”

JB at the Breck Troll


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