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Happy Lens = Happy Eyes

Have you noticed the new sunnies I’ve been sporting recently?  They are in a word – awesome.  Spy Optic asked me to road test a pair of the sunglasses with their “Happy Lens” technology.  These sunglasses promise a lot.  They’re supposed to help you see better by enhancing color and contrast and increase clarity.  They also let only the good rays in, blocking out bad rays, plus they’re supposed to improve mood and alertness.

The lens harness the beneficial aspects of long-wave blue light, while at the same time protecting from damaging short-wave blue light.  They’re the only color and contrast enhancing lens on the market to do that.  Research has shown long-wave blue light helps stimulate the brain’s production of serotonin which improves mood, increases alertness, and promote a healthy circadian rhythm.  Wear a pair of sunglasses to see better and be in a great mood?  Alright, I’m in!

I tested out a pair of Black ANSI RX Sprinter shades with the Happy Bronze Polar with Dark Blue Spectra lens.  The shades are a close fit, have really cool blue lens, and are stylishly sporty which I love.

photo 12

During a weekend stay at the Ritz Bachelor Gulch in Colorado I worn them hiking for about 7 miles, with a lot of that in full sun.

I also decided to test them out hiking in and out of forest during a 6-mile roundtrip waterfall hike and paddle boarding at Piney River Ranch.

One of the things I noticed right off the bat – they cut the glare.  That’s huge when you’re traversing trails across a mountain like I did on morning hikes in Bachelor Gulch and on a afternoon hike from Bachelor Gulch to Beaver Creek in full sun.  I’ll often squint while hiking, even when wearing sunglasses.  Squinting and glare have been culprits for me getting hiking headaches in the past.  No glare and no squinting made me a very happy hiker while wearing these shades!  I was skeptical at first thinking there’s no way a pair of sunglasses can do everything Spy Optic promises.  The sunglasses performed as they say they should.  After road testing them, I’m a huge fan and my eyes are well….Happy Eyes!  The Sprinter shades are worth the $150 price tag.

One other piece of cool tech with the sunnies.  The lens and frames are certified under ANSI Z87.1 standards for impact resistance.  They been blasted with a metal ball hitting them at more than 100 mph and had a 1.1 pound pointed projectile object dropped on them from more than four feet up.  As someone who’s on the trail a lot, I sure as heck like knowing the lens won’t eject or shatter and frames won’t break.

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