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Where Did You Get Those Snow Boots?

“Where did you get those snow boots?”  That’s a question I’m asked all the time when I wear my just below-the-knee lace-up gray boot with furry trim.  They’re Sorel Cate the Great and true the brand, they’re “fashionable and functional.”


I actually got them shortly after I moved to Denver in 2010.  I’ve worn them strolling through ski towns to hitting the trail for easy to moderate snowshoeing.  I know they’re not typical of a snowshoe winter hiker, but I love that they are tall and keep my pants dry.  They’ve definitely worked well for me on the trail for hikes under 5 miles.  I’ve put them through the winter adventure ringer and they’ve held up extremely well.  I’m hoping Sorel will revive this style soon so I can snag a new pair.  After 7 winters, the treads are showing their wear.  I love the boots and have worn them a lot!


Now the Cate the Great boot is a wedge, so if you want the ones I have, you’ll have to search sites like Poshmark and Ebay.  I did and found a few pairs up for sale.  Good luck finding the boot everyone will ask you where you got it.


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