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Sunset From Below Sea Level

Magical, stunning, spectacular, mesmerizing, fantastic, breathtaking – all wonderful ways to describe a sunset in Death Valley National Park.  But, watching sunset from 282 feet below sea level in Badwater Basin will leave you speechless.

Standing in the lowest spot in North America and watching the sky turn from shades of yellow to pink and purple to a sky on fire is like nothing else on earth.

I couldn’t turn away as the sky filled with color and those colors reflected in the salt flats.  It was like a symphony in the sky.  It started out subtle and quiet then roared to a crescendo of color vividly painting the sky in a masterpiece known as sunset.  As the sun set farther in the western sky, the melody of magic faded away.

Gina De Gorna said, “To watch a sunset is to connect with the Divine.”  A heavenly experience is exactly what I had watching sunset in Badwater.

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