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The Perfect Rain Pashmina

When I headed to Europe for a few weeks, I needed a packable, lightweight rain jacket.  My friend Marlo Miller had the perfect piece in her shop Marlo Miller Boutique, which is my favorite boutique in Houston, Texas.

Usually pashmina and rain don’t mesh.  But, RAINRAPS is a line of water resistant pashminas.  Think, a lot more stylish than a plastic rain poncho.  Here’s the cool thing – a RAINRAP is reversible!  It’s practical and fashionable.  Mine is black on one side and leopard print on the other.  It’s so stylish and lightweight, you could throw it on as just a regular pashmina.  It takes a rain poncho up to a whole new style level.  Plus, it has a hood to protect your ‘do.

I traveled to Europe for 16 days in a carry-on roller and one bag.  This poncho comes with it’s own travel pouch.  It’s less than an inch thick so I was easily able to slide it into the front pocket of my roller.

Travel Pouch Photo Courtesy RAINRAPS

It’s lightweight enough you can use it year round.  It’s also perfect for putting on over layers so you stay warm and dry when it’s cold and rainy.  Which is what I did on a chilly, rainy morning in Munich, Germany.  I had great weather on my trip, until that morning filled with torrential downpours.  Still wanting to get out and explore the city a little, I threw on my RAINRAP and off I went.  The poncho has two double sided button closures, which I used to secure the hood in the wind and rain, but it was the concealed magnetic closure that was perfect for dodging in and out of cafes, stores, attractions in the rain.  All I had to do was peel off the poncho, give it a quick shake, and I wasn’t dripping wet when I popped inside somewhere.


I found this lightweight rain gear find to be fast-drying, which is critical when traveling.  After road-testing it, a RAINRAP is now a staple in my travel bag.  After eyeing the camo print one, maybe I need two so I have options.  Then there’s the WINTERRAP and SPIRITRAP….okay this fashionable travel girl might need more than two!