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Three Sisters Park

Two of my cousins, Susan and Elizabeth, introduced me to this hike.  Part of their childhood was spent in Evergreen, Colorado.  It’s a delightful town nestled in the Foothills and just 45 minutes from Denver.  A hike in Three Sisters gives you a variety of scenery from open meadows to granite boulder formations to hiking through Ponderosa Pines.


The highlight of hiking the rolling terrain is “The Three Sisters” and “The Brother,” which are rock formations in the park topping out between 7,772′ and 7,847′.  Keep an eye out for wildlife, especially birds.  You could see turkey vultures, Stellar’s jays, mountain bluebirds, and others.


We started on the west side of the park and immediately hit the Bluebird Meadow Trail which offers great views of the meadows and wildflowers.


We connected onto the Homestead Trail to see the original homestead and a great rock formation.

Then we took off on the Bearberry Trail for some shade and great vista views.

From Bearberry, we connected to Ponderosa Trail back to the trailhead.  On this part of the trail we got some great views of “The Sisters” and “The Brother.”

Instead of “Three Sisters” it was two sisters and a cousin enjoying a great morning to log a few miles on rolling terrain.

Here’s a little history on the area.  The first homestead was back in 1873 when James Hester built the first house and barn.  In 1894, a fire destroyed the buildings.  George Dollison then built a ranch home.  In 1945, that house became home to E.J. and Arleta Alderfer.  They raised cattle and foxes until 1970 when they transitioned to pasturing horses.  Between 1977 and 1986, Jefferson County Open Space acquired the property.

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